Cookie Crush 4

Welcome to the online game Cookie Crush 4. The objective of Cookie Crush 4 is to eliminate as many sugary treats as you can, and you can do this by swapping, crushing, or linking the same-colored cookies. The more you do this, the more points you will score! The game also comes with many levels for you to complete, so you'll need to be quick and focused.

This sequel includes a wealth of new features for players, including more levels and powerful boosters. One of these new features is a new kind of combo chain, which is a way to get tons of points by combining three or more cookies. You can also find cool extras and earn even more coins by completing tasks in the game.

Another great aspect of this game is the strategic aspect of the gameplay. If you're a fan of the previous games, you'll be thrilled with the new version of this franchise. You'll have fun matching the same-colored cookies and completing missions. This game features over 100 levels, which will require you to think fast and carefully before making a move. And because you'll have to match more cookies than your opponents, you'll be rewarded with various bonuses. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Cookie Crush 4 Unblocked Free Game!