Yummy Super Burger

Yummy Super Burger is a cooking game on the web where you will basically play the role of an aspiring chef to prepare delicious burgers for your hungry customers! The more you make, the higher your rating; so prepare those delicious burgers as soon as you can to increase your rating as well! This is one of the best girl games online that you can find right now, and if you have not yet played it, you should definitely get to it now. It is free and it is fun.

This cooking game is like many of the others that are available online in that it mainly focuses on the idea of cooking and food preparation. You need to use the right tools and ingredients in order to cook your burgers correctly so that they will come out tasty and not burned when you fry them in the fryer. Help the chef by carefully preparing the needed ingredients and following all the instructions properly. Keep an eye on the nutritional data on the boxes so that you do not cook the food incorrectly. Only cook yummy burgers to your customers satisfaction, making sure that they get the right combination of taste and nutrition. As soon as you are done with cooking the burgers, your clients can get their food immediately so that they do not have to wait too long.

While this girl game is entirely for girls, you can definitely spice it up by adding a bit of action to it as well. Some of the more exciting features of this girl game include an animated icon that will tell you how long the food needs to cook, a pop-up menu with buttons for everything you need to know so that you can cook yummy burgers fast, and even special presents for your clients as recognition for their loyalty and interest in the kitchen. If you get more creative with the icons and the instructions, you can create a burger that looks like it has been cooked in an actual restaurant! Who knows, your girl might be asking you to make her a celebrity chef one day! Yup7.com wishes you have fun playing Yummy Super Burger Unblocked free game!