Looney Tunes Space Jam

Welcome to the online game Looney Tunes Space Jam. This is a free Kids Game. Looney Tunes Space Jam Unblocked Game is a free online kids game and works with most modern web browsers. It is part of the Sports, Mobile, and Puzzle category. You can download this game for free to play on your PC or console, but make sure to check out the reviews before buying it. If you enjoy playing these retro games, you can find more from Yup7.com.

The Looney Tunes Space Jam Game is available in two modes: the normal mode and the speedy mode. In both modes, you have to shoot five basketballs and a rocket. The physics of the game are fairly simple, and you'll need to be able to throw the ball as far as you can before the opponents score a point. The only downside is that every move is limited to three seconds. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Looney Tunes Space Jam Unblocked Free Game!