Welcome to the online game This is a great io Game. Unblocked Game is an exciting action game on which you play as a vampire who thirsts for human blood. You have to feed by feeding the evil thralls, and their master who is waiting for you to regain his strength. When you have killed all the enemies you can now enter the city 'Valkoria', a giant city filled with mechanical creatures who are fighting to survive. There you have to fight your way through all the levels, kill the robotic creatures and find the lost prince. Each level has different difficulty level, so that you can try different difficulties to test your skills.

The multiplayer mode in Free Game is awesome. In this mode you will have to join an elite fighting group called 'The Vengeance'. You will be able to choose from several different multiplayer environments including the prison, farm, train station, desert, and even the arena. The action game can also be played in single player, and it is highly recommended to play it alone rather than playing the multiplayer version. The single player game is very challenging, and at higher levels you will need to use the stealth kills to get past certain stages. You can also use the teamwork multiplayer to get past the more difficult stages much faster. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Unblocked Free Game!