Speed Cars Hidden Stars

Welcome to the great Speed Cars Hidden Stars. This is a great arcade games. Speed Cars Hidden Stars Unblocked game is an exciting free online game for kids. This is a hidden object and speed car game where you have to find all the stars and solve riddles and mini games so that you move forward to the next level. This is fast and has plenty of thrills and excitement. That's why this game is becoming very popular with kids as they just love to find those hidden speed cars.

Use mouse and keyboard for playing this free online kids game and click when you see a particular star. When you find it, the time is found at the lower right corner of your screen and you have to show and hide ten stars in the picture given. You have to use the mouse wheel to scroll up or down and to increase or decrease the number of stars displayed. When you are done, another star is given to you to move forward to the next level.

This is one of the best arcade games for kids that I've played and I believe this is one of the better speed cars hidden stars game too. The graphics are simple and the main theme is based on cars and racing. You will love the free online kids games if you are a kid looking for a nice speed cars game to play on the internet. The graphics are fine and it's just like playing real car games! Yup7.com wishes you have fun playing Speed Cars Hidden Stars Unblocked free game!