Stealth Hunter

Welcome to the online game Stealth Hunter. This is a online unblocked Action Game. If you love to sneak around and explore different places, you will surely enjoy the Stealth Hunter unblocked game. You will have to slink through the bushes and creep up on enemies to achieve the ultimate goal - clear the entire game level without being seen by the enemy. You must sneak past hostile guards to collect keys and subdue enemy weapons. Besides, you must destroy all objects in your path and avoid being seen by your targets.

The Stealth Hunter game has everything you need to take back the night, including a Night Hunting Module. This feature is useful when hunting nocturnal animals, which prefer to move, feed, and hunt at night. Continuously spotting and scanning can spook them, as the light will cast shadows. This is especially true when you're hunting deer. Using a night vision device helps you take advantage of this feature, which is the latest in nocturnal hunting. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Stealth Hunter Unblocked Free Game!