Dino Squad Adventure

Two friends of the dinosaur are back in business and this time they decided on one of the most distant journeys in their lives. Of course they are ready for the fact that it will be scary, that they are in danger, and that the enemies are just waiting for the moment to attack and tear them apart. This outing is already the third in their lives, although the first two took place under the supervision of adult dinosaurs, but this time the kids decided that they would have enough to be under the “parental wing” and set off on their own. First of all, dinosaurs came up with a name for their journey, but what else to call a journey is not the Dino Squad Adventure 3. It's good that they decided to travel together, a true friend in a journey is almost one hundred percent success, he will always give a paw in a difficult situation and if necessary it will cover. This means only one thing that is best to play with a friend, you are for one dinosaur, he is for his friend. And if you yourself, you have to be controlled by both dinosaurs at the same time. Each of the heroes has his own abilities and weapons, for example, he knows how to handle weapons less, but the one that is bigger does a good job with his own strength, that is, with the help of force.