Balance Stack

If you like fun and free Yup7 Games then the Balance Stack game is just right for you. Balance Stack Unblocked game is one of many free web games which can be played at no cost. It is also one of those free web games that is fun to play. You have to build your stacking stack by matching pairs of shapes in any order.

The player has to stack the same shape by one without letting them fall off the board. Once all the shapes are stacked, a small time limit begins to ensure that the stacked shape is still stable. If any of the shapes falls, the game is immediately over and you can try the next level. Many players find this a challenging game, as they have to think fast on their moves.

Some players might find it boring to play Balance Stack repeatedly because of the same shape and pattern being repeated. However, it is still a fairly simple game as there are only a few shapes to remember. As most people who have tried the free version of this game would agree, it is fun to play. Of course, that is only if you know your way around the controls. Otherwise, it can easily become a frustrating game. wishes you success and have fun playing Balance Stack. Good luck!