GTR Drift Legend

Welcome to the online game GTR Drift Legend. This is a great Car Games. GTR Drift Legend Unblocked Game is the ultimate drift game on Like many of the other similar car games, this one offers a great deal of content and a variety of challenges, but it also offers a neat little game-changing feature that makes this one standout from the rest. It takes the formula of the old drift games and revamps them so that they feel more like an actual drifting experience.

GTR Drift Legend plays much like a true drifting simulation game, in that you can move about the environment and perform tricks, like the old-style drift cars do. You can perform stunts on bumpy, unstable road surfaces as well as smooth asphalt, all using the same drift techniques you'll find in traditional racing. You can race against the computer or against other players, each of which has its own set of basic car models and customizations available. You can even custom-download parts for your vehicle, such as wing mirrors and spoilers to give you a really fast look. You can race in a bowl, pit lane, on dirt tracks, and any other place you can find a drifting track. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing GTR Drift Legend Unblocked Free Game!