Get 12

Get 12 is new casual puzzle game, casual in nature and adding more variety to the puzzle you just need to match the same number with it and once it got successfully matched it gets automatically eliminated. In Get 12 Unblocked game you can play the game either alone or in multi-player mode. Multi-player mode gives you a chance to work with large numbers at the same time. In single player mode you will have a limited number of moves to make before the game ends.

You must choose one of the two control schemes: the traditional miniplay scheme or the latest social networking scheme: the multiplayer over wifi. The classic mini play scheme is great for those who just want to enjoy a good puzzle game without much involvement and complications. With traditional miniplay you can only play with small groups of people or if you are using a very old computer with slow internet connection. If you are using the latest social networking site "multiplayer" you can easily connect and play with large groups of people from all over the world. wishes you have fun playing Get 12.