Gold Diggers

Welcome to the online game Gold Diggers. This is a free Kids Game. In Gold Diggers Unblocked Game, you control a team of dwarves and go to remote mines to find gold. The game begins with an empty space where you must dig a tunnel. The gold bars will be located at the bottom of the screen, and a cart will be placed at the top. Your objective is to create a tunnel through the rock, starting from the gold bars and ending above your cart.

While Gold Diggers is an interesting game, it does lack in depth. Unlike other dice games, it requires you to think and balance risk versus reward. The only way to achieve a high score is by destroying your opponent's gold mines. The Gold Diggers Game does not have any of that, but it's fun and easy to play. We'd recommend it to gamers looking for a free game. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Gold Diggers Unblocked Free Game!