Noob Escape: One Level Again

Welcome to the online game Noob Escape: One Level Again. This is a online unblocked Action Game. If you love puzzle games, you will love Noob Escape: One Level Again. This game puts you in the shoes of a lost inmate who must escape from a prison full of deadly traps. Using your logical thinking and clues from your first attempt, you must navigate through the room to get out. There are 100 levels to complete, so make sure you don't give up too soon!

In this free game, you play as the titular noob, who is trapped in a prison. His goal is to escape the room by collecting the keys, and to do that, he must avoid all of the obstacles that are placed in his way. The game has 100 levels, each of which offers a different puzzle twist. And at the end, there's an epic boss battle for the winner. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Noob Escape: One Level Again Unblocked Free Game!