Highway Rider Extreme

Jack managed to enter the top ten riders of his small country. This is an honorary title, but it must be maintained with new and new victories, because the rivals do not want to put up with their places. So, it is necessary to train continuously. Therefore, every free hour Jack spends with his motorcycle. He not only rides on special routes for motorcycle races of high qualification, but also on ordinary roads and city streets. He is confident that such races will help develop an excellent response. Want to participate in several races of Jack racer. HOW TO PLAY:Get on this great bike and ride out. You can keep the highest speed that can be squeezed out of it. But do not forget - in front of you are not deserted tracks, but the most common streets and roads. So, it is necessary to avoid any accidents and collisions, both with obstacles and with other road users. Drive the bike ahead and enjoy the surrounding scenery. But remember about the coins - they will need a lot if you want to upgrade this bike or buy a new one. The game has the ability to purchase a much more powerful and cool technology. But for this it is necessary to drive as it should!