Death Driver

Welcome to the Death Driver game. In this game, you are about to get more blood pumped when you shoot down hordes of zombies with your powerful truck. The game is all about shooting down zombies and completing objectives to win. The game also has many other exciting arcade game like obstacle courses, stunt jumps and tower defense games that you can try.

If you thought that arcade games were just about fighting tough opponents, think again, you have another fun option in the form of Death Driver Unblocked game, a game which takes cue from real driving challenges and crashes through asphalt without giving the zombies a chance to run away. The car itself is an upgraded car, which has been fitted with anti-zombie parts and bullet proof.

One thing I love about this game is that you don't have to drive your car through any obstacle like a normal car game; the only real challenge is how to kill zombies without getting hit. When you finally reach the end, you are given an optional mission to either drive your car to the mall or stop at a motel to rest. You can even choose to have a one way trip, which means you will basically be forced to make that trip unless you want to take a detour and go back to the starting point. Either way, you will not be short on opportunity to kill more zombies in this exciting zombie killing, arcade game. wishes you success and good luck in the Death Driver unblocked free game.