Math Merge

Math Merge is a new and addictive mathematical puzzle, very easy to use and intuitive gameplay but still more difficult than you think. Give you simple goals, choose different number blocks from a grid, rotate them to make patterns. Within very short time, how much can you solve it? You can use math merge to find answers, grids with similar numbers of cells or more advanced algorithms that solves the grid by adding up the sum of all the cells. This advanced algorithm uses triangular calculations to find the closest solution with minimum wasted points.

Try Math Merge Unblocked game now, you will love it! The main goal in the game is to uncover the secret base, which is guarded by the three evil guardians. To reach the bottom of the guardian's base, you have to solve all the levels, which are all connected and reach the goal based on your performance. Math Merge game is suitable for kids aged 4 years and up. This math game will not only improve your math skills, but you will also enjoy the endless hours of entertainment and enjoyment you will get from this fun game. Yup7 Games wishes you success and good luck in Math Merge.