Tetra Blocks

Welcome to the Tetra Blocks game. This is a new puzzle game. Many of the Tetra Block games have a time limit; most Tetra Block games have a time limit of about sixty seconds. To play Tetra Blocks Unblocked game, kids must rotate each block by clicking the mouse once. When a block is moved off of its position, it will disappear and then reappear. A child must rotate all of the pieces within a set amount of time to win. Some versions of this game have a puzzle mode, which is a mode where the player has a time limit of only seven seconds to solve the puzzle.

To play a Time Pass mode, the player must first fill the bottom row with a certain number of Tetra Blocks while the top row is free. After the time pass, the block on the bottom will turn red and then turn black, when it reaches the bottom it will turn again and eventually turn black and turn red again. Then, the next block can be placed. Each time a new block is put into play, the player gets one point. Once a time limit has been met, the game ends and the player loses one point. Yup7.com wishes you have fun playing Tetra Blocks Unblocked free cool game