Lows Adventures

Lows Adventures is free internet game. This is a virtual platform game with 32 different levels. In this game, you are going to guide your character through different levels and every level, you will be guiding your character over terrain, which will have some puzzles in it. Some of the environment puzzles are like rotating objects, others you need to get the right colored gems or drops to complete.

These games are made by Yup7.com, an Amerika company that makes several puzzle, adventure, and hidden object games. Yup7.com also makes quite a few other games as well, but the ones we are focusing on are the free ones. These games are all original, and the artwork is really nice. The games themselves are platform games, and many of them have multiple endings, depending on how you complete each stage.

Each of the Lows Adventures Unblocked game has many different categories, and there are quite a few secrets to find within the game as well. All of the games are very nice looking, and sound very good as well. If you enjoy adventure, mystery, and the whole point and click style of platform games then this is definitely one you would want to check out, as they have a number of free games for you to play on their Yup7.com.