Lady Tower

Lady Tower is an amazing new arcade game coming from Yup7 Games. If you love high definition platform and shooting action with great sound effects, then Lady Tower Unblocked game is definitely for you! The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world and involves a group of survivors who crash landed on earth after a massive asteroid hits the place. They have no place to stay and are forced to sleep inside a big house they find here. The only source of food and water is a vending machine that will run out soon.

The whole game is about growing taller by jumping onto platforms to reach different areas of the house. For example, if you want to get to the top of the building, climbing up the metal ladders will help you do that. There are also several power ups available to help you grow taller: power flower, mini turbo buttons, long jump button and slide boost, so there are plenty of opportunities to create longer tower and reach the top faster.

There are many more thrilling things you can perform in this amazing game: there are different levels easy, medium and difficult, each with their own challenges and rewards, you can switch between using the keyboard and mouse or use the gamepad to play with no difficulty, you can destroy baddy ladies for extra points, collect coins to purchase different costumes and weapons, use the bow and arrow to shoot enemies' bodies, jump, glide and run to achieve higher scores and increase the time you will take to fall down. There is so much excitement in playing Lady Tower - a real time frantic action platformer, where you have to keep an eye on the screen for the various icons and the fast pace of game play! You will surely fall in love with this charming little arcade game as soon as you try it. It's free to play and best of all, it's worth playing!