Sonic Hill Climb Racing 2 Boom

The second installment in the Sonic Hill series, Sonic Hill Climb Racing 2 is yet another fun and exciting game for all those who loved the first game of this series. As in the first game, you play as the famous hedgehog and have to save the world after it's been invaded by Dr. Robotnik and his evil army from the evil Dr. Darkka. This time round, Sonic and his faithful friends have to race against a number of different vehicles like the usual Egg and Robot forms as well as some exclusive vehicle sets like the Batwing and Tidal Wave. Each of these vehicles has its own set of special moves, which can be used at any time during the game.

Sonic Hill Climb Racing 2 Unblocked game is considering an addictive game because of its exciting action sequences and the various levels in the game. Some of the levels have to be completed before moving on to the next level. The graphics are somewhat cartoonish but that doesn't mean that they are not very bright and effective. The music is soft and soothing, which makes this game suitable for children.

Available at browser games portal is one of the very popular games called Sonic Hill Climb Racing 2 game. It is one of the Sonic games that is available free of charge on the web. This game provides lots of excitement and thrill as you have to drive your vehicle to reach the finish line within the shortest time period. If you love speed racing then this game is definitely a great choice. wishes you success in Sonic Hill Climb Racing 2.