Mighty Knight 2

The army of the dark has already come close to the lands of our kingdom, and again a hero is needed who can stop the invasion and turn the tide of events in a positive direction. Therefore, we advise you to start the game Mighty Knight 2 and lead the offensive, and if you need the defense of the kingdom from the terrible creatures that the world has not seen before. The army of darkness consists of ghouls, demons, trolls, gnomes, orcs, dragons, and other evil spirits, and if you do not stop the invasion - the world will fall and wallow in chaos. Of course, you can try to agree with the unclean, but does it solve the problem, and it will not do without blood in any case, so let the blood of the darker than our people then be shed. Each attack of demons will end with a battle with a leader or several leaders, so get ready thoroughly.