Motor Rush

Motor Rush game is totally based on adrenaline rush, which means that it is a high paced, exciting and highly intense game for all game lovers. This game is on the same category of Street Racing Games and hence you can easily play this amazing free game from O Bold Games. In this insanely fast competitive racing game, attack on reckless traffic with punch, kick, axe, brick or pistol to divert their interest from outrageous stunt in this extreme speedy race: rooftop assault game. Prepare yourself to become adrenaline junkie by trying to complete every level of this Motor Rush Unblocked game as quickly as possible. Use sharp reflexes to shoot enemies coming from unusual angles, while using wheel to power-slide and jump over dangerous obstacles.

If you love playing fighting games then you should download this cool game from Playmobil. You can play with one or more players simultaneously, where two players are fighting over a common target, while providing support to one another by shooting, tagging and blocking their moves. The game also features a stunt called Battering Blow, in which you need to score as much points as possible within a given time. If you score more points, you move to the next level and have a chance to face a more challenging opponent.

This is an advanced version of the classic arcade game named Dash - the Dash is a street fighter type game and it features vertical scrolling action, quick attacks and impressive special effects. In case you have always wanted to see your favorite fighters in action in High-definition Video, then try to play Street fighter special version. In addition to that, this game has some really cool features like awesome background music, awesome screen wipes, cool sound effects and great camera angles. wishes you success in the game of Motor Rush.