Snake vs Balls

A neat little game that I played up recently was Snake Vs Balls, it is a version of hide and seek in a slightly modified form, and the nice thing about it being hidden within a picture is that there is a reaction to every motion made by the Snake vs Balls Unblocked game. The object of the game is to find a dot on the screen that when clicked will make the snake run towards a certain block. Whilst this may sound easy it soon becomes harder and more difficult as you snake gets nearer to the block. So basically the object is to go as slowly as you possibly can without actually hitting anything, the further you move away from the block the more reaction you will receive.

To play you just need to pick up the snake and hold it above your head, right click on the snake, and then drag in a downward motion until you are at the block. As the snake moves in a downward motion, the block will disappear, if you want to collect the coins after the game has been completed you will have to click on the back of the snake. The snake moves at a very low speed and using the arrow keys will cause it to zoom through the levels. The hardest part is always moving the snake up and down, the easier it is to aim and hit, the more points you will receive, so don't be afraid to shoot for the gold. Although once you have collected all the coins there is nothing left to do really, the higher levels offer better challenges anyway!

Although you move at a very slow pace snake still has the upper hand on the game, if you can shoot as many rounds as possible in one minute than the snake will eventually catch up and win the level. The only way to lose is to run out of the level, which unfortunately is also the same way as quitting. The controls are very simple, left click moves the snake left, right click moves the snake right, up and down moves the snake up and down, and enter and leave uses the arrow keys. The snake disappears when you click on it, so make sure to watch out for the little guys, they are always jumping out of the screen to try and steal your coins! They aren't that hard to beat if you practice at home. wishes you have fun playing Snake vs Balls.