Pull the Pin Rescue

Welcome to the free game Pull the Pin Rescue. This is a great puzzle games. Pull the Pin Rescue Unblocked game is a very exciting adventure and platform game for the kids. In this game the player has to pull all the pins out from a triangle which moves across the screen. Once all the pins have been pulled out, you have to save the boy who's been caught inside the triangle. The adventure is so exciting that it will keep your kids entertained for hours. If you are a parent then I know you will love this game because it's just like an ordinary puzzle but with the difference that you will be playing it with your child.

Pull the Pin Rescue free game is an all over adventure platform game where you have to pull all the pins out of a square filled with obstacles on the ground and save the little boy who's been caught inside the triangle. 

Another important thing that makes this adventure exciting is the fact that you can play it with two players. Two people can play this adventure by using the two buttons and one player is required to hold down the fire button in order to light up the pin. Once enough light touches the flame, the little boy will come out from the trapped guy and will save the girl who's been trapped inside the triangle. The rescue game is so amazing that it will keep your children busy for hours. One will find this game very attractive to play over again. Yup7.com wishes you have fun playing Pull the Pin Rescue Unblocked free game!