Water Sort Puzzle

Water Sort Puzzle - Selection is a challenging yet relaxing casual shooting puzzle game with relaxing sounds and relaxing music to bring you relaxation and tranquility. As you fire at water, sort the bottles by type. Each bottle has six buckets, and you must concentrate on the quantity of water in each bucket. The objective of the game is not to shoot at the objects that are water based; the objective is to be the first player to reach a certain number of water within a certain amount of time. Different levels can be achieved depending on your level of concentration.

In case of any confusion, a good example of a water sort puzzle game would be Puzzle game. This type of game is very easy to understand and play. In this game, two opposite colors are used and when they touch each other, they mix and create a new color. The first player who makes it to four colors without missing any turns wins. Yup7.com wishes you success and have fun playing Water Sort Puzzle Unblocked game.