Astronaut Steve

Welcome to the free game Astronaut Steve. This is a great Adventure Games. In this action-adventure, players are launched into a high-risk, high-stakes mission as an astronaut during one of NASA's last missions to repair the crippled Space Shuttle Columbia. After discovering that a Klingon faction has attacked the space station, a former astronaut, still in command of the ship, must find out what happened to the station and why these Klingons want to attack the United States. Although the story line is action-packed, Steve's real strength comes from the player's interaction with the realistically rendered scenes and natural environment throughout the space flight simulation. Some of the other features include:

As you play throughout the game, you will experience a plot revolving around the crew of the space shuttle as well as the fictional character of Astronaut Steve Unblocked game. The game simulates the time on the first mission and allows players to control the game through using the keyboard and mouse. There are also several achievements and various options to enhance your playing experience, including controlling different aspects of the game, such as controlling the character and flying around the hull. In order to gain access to the main menu, click on the "mission" icon on the top right corner of the screen. In order to continue playing, click on the "Space" icon located on the lower left corner. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Astronaut Steve unblocked free game!