Very soon, on one of the many Yorg.io maps of the world, the night will come, which can only mean one thing - they will come and nothing can stop them. It turns out that the horror is so close that you can not live until morning. You just have one thing - to quickly search for the necessary resources for the construction of protective structures and prepare the night. In principle, all you have to do is wait for the dawn, and proceed to a new collection of everything on the map, and there’s really a lot on the map, the main thing is not to be greedy and only get what is necessary for life. But every day the demands of your settlement grow, as does the number of dead people outside the gates of your base. Therefore, before choosing a place for the future base, carefully study the territory for the presence of minerals. These are mainly crystals of various colors, some of them are useful, others are less useful, but without them nowhere. And the victory will go to someone who can survive the longest possible number of days.