Mahjong Connect Remastered

Welcome to the free game Mahjong Connect Remastered. This is a great Puzzle Games. Mahjong Connect is a quality FREE skill game that you can now play online absolutely free. This game has some nice features, it is very simple to understand, so that even a kid can get into playing it, the graphics are not that great, but I can assure you that they will grow with time, the game is not addictive in any way and can be enjoyed by anyone at any skill level.

One of the nice features of Mahjong Connect Remastered unblocked game is the fact that it supports a variety of tilesets and styles, so that players can find a game style that suits them. This is very important because different people have different skill levels and like playing different games. Also, another nice feature of this game is that all the pieces in the game are in their place, so there is no need to go searching for them when you want to move your tiles. This means that you don't have to go back to the start area or even go back to where you started the game to move your tiles around. It is really nice and simple to use.

The game play is quite challenging and can be likened to a cross between solitaire and chess. It can be compared to a game of hot potato where you have to click on the tiles without letting them move, by clicking on them you change their position (tiles can move up to down and vice versa). One nice aspect of Mahjong Connect is the way you are graded on your tile placement skills. If you place your tiles correctly you will move to higher ranks but if you place your tiles incorrectly you will get lower ranks. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Stick War Game unblocked free game!