Dotto Botto

Welcome to the online game Dotto Botto. This is a great Kids Game. Dotto Botto Unblocked Game is an old-school platformer. Help Dotto to get hisway home and attempt to beat all the stages! You'll confront strange enemies, dreadful obstacles and deadly enemies on your journey home, so be careful! Remember though, that you are the last person standing and if you get hit by an enemy or fall victim to an obstacle, your chance of returning to the start point is very slim indeed!

If you like adventure games, then Dotto Botto free game should definitely be on top of your 'to play' list! And if your kids are into adventure games, then you certainly won't have any problems with this one either. Dotto Botto is an extremely charming kids game, which is perfect for families who don't usually play games together. Playing it with your kids might even help them learn a few new skills while enjoying themselves! This is a must-have for those parents with kids who love to puzzle and enjoy beating the computer! Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Dotto Botto Unblocked Free Game!