Century Gold Miner

Welcome to the free game Century Gold Miner. This is a great Adventure Games. Playing Century Gold Miner unblocked free online for PC, it is playable on all major browsers, desktop, tablets and phones, including apple, android and Samsung. In this exciting adventure game you get lost deep in a vast gold field. The goal of the game is to find the three gold bars that are guarded by creatures. To gain experience points you can use coins purchased in the arcade. Each level has its own set of mini-games, quizzes and all sorts of other surprises to keep you entertained.

The game was developed by Hypercasual Game Studio, which is an independent video game developer based in USA. The game has excellent graphics that are well suited for an arcade game as it is an adventure. The game has been loaded with lots of features including the various weapon, armors, magical artifacts and coins. There is also an option to play the classic mode in this modern hypercasual game.

During your journey you'll meet many interesting characters, each with special traits. For example, there is the friendly gold miner who wants to help you complete your mission. There is also the evil gold miner who wants to poison your cave and take over the area. There are other minor characters you can meet as well, each of them having their own tasks for you to complete and goals for you to reach. As you complete each level you'll be awarded with experience points, which you can use to purchase armor and weapons for your character. The whole game is designed to provide you with an exciting adventure while you are enjoying an absolutely free online flash game. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Century Gold Miner unblocked free game!