impostor Game Console

The Impostor Game Console is an addictive, fun, relaxing and completely time-consuming game for all ages. Collect as many coins and gems while you can still the on-screen time runs out. The moles are frantically scurrying around with the money and the little buggers, oh my! !

You can play the Impostor Game Console Unblocked game online for free! It's quite impressive how the graphics were able to be so amazing, but also how simple and clean the code was as well. A game console that would just collect gold and sell it for cash. This would make sense because there's no point of spending money if you are not going to get value for your money. In this adventure type game you can basically play the action while avoiding all of those annoying gold mines and moles that seem to be always running after you. The bottom line is: If you love adventure and fun, then this game is definitely for you.

It starts with you choosing your hero and then doing an impostor routine to level up. There are a number of different mazes to play in order to collect the most gold and gems as quickly as possible and destroy as many enemies as possible. If you like action-adventures and want more of the same, then you definitely will enjoy this html5 page. It really is worth playing and you will be hooked on collecting all the moneys you can as you destroy everyone and everything in your path! wishes you have fun playing the impostor Game Console free unblocked game!