Catch The Letters and Create The Words

Welcome to the free game Catch The Letters and Create The Words. This is a great kids games. Catch The Letters and Create The Words Unblcoked game is a brand new educational puzzle for kids. It is a fun game that will have your kids to spell the words and phrases out on the screen. It's just like having them read a favorite book to learn spelling. The main character is a beautiful young girl who goes through many adventures with her trusty horse Bo Peep. You can catch all the different letters and see how your child does in this very fun and educational game.

The game is simple but it gets complex as your kids teach you the letters and words. The more you play the more you learn about spelling and you will become an expert at it. In addition to learning, you will have lots of fun as you create your own puzzles and show your kids how they do. Kids will love to see you spell words that they haven't seen before and it will also make learning much easier for you as well.

Kids are fascinated by horses and are ready to catch just about anything that moves. That's why there are so many games based on horses these days. This is one of the few games that will not only teach your kids spelling but will also teach them patience and perseverance. If you want to teach your kids the importance of spelling then you might want to consider this one. I am sure that your daughter will love it as much as I did. wishes you have fun playing Catch The Letters and Create The Words Unblocked free game!