Move the Pin

Welcome to the free game Move the Pin. This is a great puzzle games. Move the Pin Unblocked game is an addictive free online HTML5 game from Yup7 Games that requires all of one's skills to be mastered in order to win the game. This simple little flash game asks that you move the pin around a board to make it spin and line up the square with the correct number of holes. It is simple, but the real fun comes with solving the riddles that pop up every so often as you maneuver the pin around the board.

Move the Pint free game is a pure free game and it is really fun for kids of all ages. If you enjoy the flashier games on the market you will love Move the Pint. This fun puzzle game involves lines up the square with the correct number of holes using a camera to point, while music plays and you attempt to hit your opponent's pins with your ball. It's a simple and easy game but also features a great collection of songs, and even includes a bonus round at the end.

You can play this fun puzzle game with the Free Mouse Game version or the premium edition that has many more levels. Either version you'll have fun using an easy point and click game that will challenge and entertain any age player. Kids will enjoy trying to master the various puzzle aspects, while adults will appreciate the challenging puzzle that tests their skill and quick thinking. Everyone can enjoy this unique puzzle as it is a lighthearted yet challenging game that is great for a lighthearted fun time. wishes you have fun playing Move the Pin Unblocked free game!