Shell Shockers

With Shell Shockers, get ready to be a killer egg and fight in an egg combat! In this shooting game, first, you choose your egg type and enter your nickname. Then you find yourself in a fight with many other killer eggs in a field. You and other eggs can be equipped with different kinds of weapons like a shotgun, a sniper rifle, pistols or grenades. You can form a team and play against other eggs with your friends or you can play individually. Don't forget: You are an egg and can easily be killed. So you must watch your every step, be careful, hide from your enemies when necessary. If you're ready for excitement and fun, start playing. Let the battle begin! How to play ? Mouse and WASD to move. LMB to fire. E to change weapons. R to reload. Q to throw a grenade. All controls are configurable in the Settings menu. Get yolked!