Microsoft Bubble

Microsoft Bubble is an bubble shooter similar to the classic Bubble Blast game which was once released by Taito. The game has the same style and music as the latter and follows the usual platform gameplay. In this game, you are tasked to shoot bubbles which will pop out from all directions on the screen. The difficulty level starts off easy and increases in difficulty as you advance through the levels. In addition, you have the option to switch between different play modes, such as puzzle and shooting.

The game consists of two stages: the Normal Stage and the Special Stage. In the Normal Stage, you are to avoid all the bubbles that are thrown at you and aim for the ones that pop out of the bottom of your screen. The objective is not to destroy every bubble in sight but to prevent them from hitting you. On the Special Stage, your goal is to eliminate all the targets without missing any bubbles.

Microsoft Bubble Unblocked game has the typical games on the Bubble Blasters. You are to strategically shoot bubbles which eventually come out of a hole on the bottom of your screen. You have to aim and fire your gun which shoots out small bullets at the bubbles. If any of the bullets hit a bubble, it will pop and if this happens more than five times, it will disappear. If the bubble shooter manages to hit the bubble in the right position, then it will pop and drop down to the right, while if it hits the left bubble, it will vanish. This mode is not actually included in the game, but you can unlock it by purchasing them separately. wishes you have fun playing Microsoft Bubble.