Angry Gran Jump Up

Just recently something happened about which all local newspapers wrote. And the story was like this - one slug cheerful grandmother ran away from the hospital, where she was forcibly kept, and do not be surprised, because there are different hospitals. Now you probably realized that your grandmother was being treated for mental disorder, but unfortunately you didn’t recover, because your grandmother ran away in time for our last meeting. By our today's meeting, a nimble grandma managed to cover a good half of all countries, including the countries of America, both southern and northern, the countries of Asia and Europe. And there is hardly a person who, after meeting with this hurricane was able to forget it. By the way, earlier, the grandmother only moved in a horizontal plane, which at least somehow could have foreseen her movements, but now she has learned to jump, and jump quite high, which could not please the elderly woman. You are only required to assist the grandmother in the development of high jumps.