Get ready to be a witness of the evolution of battle and salute your new addiction! It's EvoWars.io ! It has a simple premise. Fight and kill to evolve. And it is this simplicity that makes the gameplay so enjoyable. EvoWars.io unblocked delivers an absolute fun gameplay through its colourful graphics, easy game mechanics and competitive leveling system. There will be bigger dogs in the map when you start playing. But you can use this situation as a benefit for yourself. The smaller you are, the quicker you can be. You’ll be faster than other players and can avoid their swords swinging. At lower levels, it is wise to avoid any fighting contact, because as your level goes up, you and your weapon will evolve, too. You can be gone because of a single sword cut from a higher level player. At this stage, you have to focus on collecting orbs that are sprinkled across the map. Collecting orbs will make your level go up. Beware, though. Big fish are always making traps at places where orbs are many. Don't go blind. Use your insticts. Use your reflexes. You will start as a character from dark ages and will go up on the ladder of civilization. It is a playerdriven game and will not go according to a script. This feature makes every gaming experience a unique one because your first game surely won't be the same as your second one. Evowars io will let you take a look at the history of violence. Gird yourself with a sword and start having this amazing adventure!