Block Puzzle Classic

Block Puzzle Classic is a popular puzzle game that many kids enjoy playing. There are different versions of Block puzzle Classic Unblocked game for kids. The basic version is the classic wooden block with three sides. The objective is still the same -add up all the matching sides to make a square. The new twist is that there are now virtual blocks that can be used to play this game.

Unlike the standard version, this version adds a little twist to solve the puzzle. The virtual blocks are movable and stick on the grid, so you can move them around easily to get the best position for the puzzle. The first step is to place the virtual blocks on the grid, following the same rules as in the traditional game. Once the square is solved or reaching the target, the virtual block is removed and replaced by the next block in the grid.

Both kids and adults alike will enjoy playing this addictive puzzle game. It's a great option to entertain young kids with educational games while engaging them at the same time. Another interesting thing about the latest version is that it features a smooth effect animation. It looks more realistic than the regular drawings that appear when you drag the block. This smooth effect makes the virtual puzzles engaging enough. wishes you success and have fun playing Block Puzzle Classic.