Marble Jump

Welcome to the online game Marble Jump. This is a great Skill Game. Marble Jump Free Game is a popular skill game for young children who wish to develop gross motor skills. It is an important part of gross motor skills development because it helps develop coordination, balance, the ability to coordinate movements and the sense of timing. A vertical jump gives the feeling of leaping without actually leaping. This skill will help develop gross motor skills that are important in everyday activities such as climbing stairs, going up and down ladders, picking up objects, using a computer mouse, eating and so on.

Marble Jump Unblocked game has a base, a track, a ball, and several obstacles which come in different sizes and with different colors. The track serves as the jumping surface and there are usually multiple jumps available on the same level. The ball is arranged in a net so that when it is hit, it will return to the base and bounce off different walls and obstacle in the game. The track lets the player move the ball along different tracks and it can also be controlled by the keyboard and mouse.

In this game, you have many new features such as custom made levels, two player mode, and split screen. One new feature is the marble blast; you can now destroy blocks using the marble blast, and the result is that your marble will get damaged. There are also several other new features which make the game more exciting and attractive. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Marble Jump Unblocked Free Game!