Blob Runner 3D

Welcome to the free game Blob Runner 3D. This is a great Arcade Games. Blob Runner 3D is proving to be among the best arcade games on the market this year. With exciting 3D graphics and addictive arcade game play, you'll have the chance to experience fun, innovative adventures with slippery slimes. This game revolves around a young girl who must save her mother from a hoard of vicious, zombie-like zombies who want to eat her alive!

To win the game you must guide the little pixel on the screen through the maze to her mother's safe place. Your goal is to make it across the levels without bumping into obstacles or the walls. There are four different levels, each more challenging than the last. To earn more coins, power up your character by collecting & storing up colored coins, use items provided by the arcade game that you are playing with & utilize the amazing 3D artwork style! Blob Runner 3D is a high octane flash arcade game that features great sound effects and a strong storyline!

Enjoy the blend of puzzle and arcade game play in Blob Runner 3D Unblocked game. Tap your fingers when the slime creatures reach the end of the screen to trigger the moving platforms and avoid being hit by the spines fired from the attacking slimes! The storyline revolves around a boy who needs to escape the sewers of his city and reach the safety of the intercity train to continue his studies. The boy is joined by an adorable blob named Bubbles, who also needs to reach the intercity train. You help Bubbles by providing him with power ups that boost his movement speed and give him the ability to shoot out spiked balls that he can fire at advancing zombies. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Blob Runner 3D unblocked free game!