Draw Climber

There lies a sensational skill game, right behind the play button. And it’s called Draw Climber. The main structure of this game is pretty simple. You have to draw a moving pattern for your hero to help it finish the parkour. But it's the games mechanics that make it such an unmatched game. Because you can make your own pattern. Each round for each player is a unique experience, it's a check that few flash games can totally cash. Draw Climber unblocked offers the gamers an unforgettable gaming experience backed up with colourful, cartoonish and totally fun graphics. As we mentioned before, the gaming mechanics make it such a fun game that you’ll not believe your eyes. Your main task will be finishing parkours filled with smart obstacles. You’ll also be picking up golds. You can spend the golds you’ve gathered to unlock new characters, so we recommend you to try not to miss any! Each level the parkour will get tougher. And each level your itch to finish the level will get stronger! Draw Climber best is one of the best ones that flash games can offer. When you finish a level, you can watch the non mandatory ads to multiply your gathering with 5. You can also watch ads to add 500 golds for free! You can unlock random heros for 300 golds. You can also share your position on every 10 levels and show your progression to your friends. Gather your golds hastily and spend your golds wisely in Draw Climber free. Get ready for your next obsession. Get ready for Draw Climber and have fun! You might want to visit our Skill Games section to discover many other great skill games like this one in our collection. Who knows, maybe the game of your dreams is waiting there for you.