Stickdoll 2

Welcome to the free game Stickdoll 2. This is a great Action Games. Stickdoll 2 Unblocked game is a side-scrolling platformer game, a pure action-adventure game. The story begins in the ancient era of darkness, when kingdoms are fallen and magic rules the world. Only the purest of souls still live in these waning times... Now, it's up to Stick, a young woman haunted by her evil brother Draug (known as the Lord of Stone) to find out who's behind all the attacks on her family. As you continue your quest and rise to level up, you'll discover the origins of Draug's crimes and put an end to his wicked rule.

Stickdoll 2 gives the full-blown action platformer and adventure you expect from stick game. Game play is fast paced and full of sound effects, featuring great use of color and 3D modeling. You'll really feel the impact of each weapon, as you swing and attack your way through many levels. If you enjoyed Stickman games, you'll love revenge of flame, as it follows in the same footsteps. Even if you haven't played stickman games, I guarantee you'll fall in love with this one.

As much as I enjoyed Stickdoll 2 games, I was a little disappointed with this release; it felt a bit lacking in creativity. Still, the overall experience was great and it kept me hooked for what seemed like an hour after finishing the first part of the game. Stickdoll 2 Free online game gets points for having great originality, as well as the well-written story line and fantastic animation. If you like your game's gritty, violent, and full of adventure, this game has everything you need. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Stickdoll 2 unblocked free game!