Shadow Fights

Welcome to the online game Shadow Fights. This is a great 2 Player Game. Shadow Fights Unblocked Game is a two player web-based fighting game based on the popular console series of the same title. It's the second installment in the popular Shadow Fight franchise. In Shadow Fight, the player takes on the roll of either Yusei or Guy, who are featured in the first game of the franchise. They're asked to save their homeland from a band of mysterious thieves called the Baiting squad and their newly formed friend, the beautiful young lady known as Ayame. There are a few different ways to play this game that can either make it more challenging or simple enough for you to pick up and play.

In the standard game mode, you'll battle it out using one of two characters. When you win a battle you move to the next phase, which usually involves going up against new opponents. However, to really spice things up you can use various items to transform each character into another. Players can also purchase new special moves for each character at a cost, which can be beneficial if you want to build up your skills and learn new moves faster. If you enjoy the single player style of game play, Shadow Fights provides you with two player games where you can choose to play as either Yusei or Guy and find out who the true champion is.

A couple of nice features of the game include a level editor and online leaderboards. This leaderboard provides an optional third party tool for customizing the game so that you can fight with players from all around the world. Since this game is an online browser game, you won't have to worry about having to fight through some low level flash figures or trying to figure out how to move the camera. Shadow Fights free game does require you to have good hand eye coordination and strategic thinking, but since it's easy to pick up the controls, it's a great game for anyone looking to spend a little time fighting fantasy figures. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Shadow Fights Unblocked free game!