Boomerang Snipe 3D

Welcome to the online game Boomerang Snipe 3D. This is a great Arcade Games. Boomerang Snipe 3D is one of the arcade games. It is stated that boomerang was an evolved weapon with unusual physics science knowledge, designed by a wealthy grandfather, during his last days. The story goes that his experimental flight experiments were to be shown at a scientific conference, but unfortunately, crashed and killed him. Thus, it was then passed down as a family secret, to his four children who made a fortune in its research and later on introduced it into the gaming market. Boomerang Snipe 3D free online, also known as Hypercasual Game is actually a highly addictive arcade game, which makes use of unique physics engine and object-based interaction to provide a fast paced game world for its players.

In this game, you are required to control various objects by using simple pointing & clicking. To earn coins, you need to hit opponents when they are hitting you. Moreover, in order to win the game, you must keep hitting the opponent with boomerangs made of 3D matchstick objects.

This game is based on successful movie theme, where the main character needs to save his wife from pirates by firing random objects like boomerangs, firecrackers etc., from long range. The advanced version of the game has many advanced features, where you can choose different level of difficulty to increase your thrill and skill. In this game, you can even change flying speed of boomerang, and slow time of its flight. Boomerang Snipe 3D Unblocked Game allows you to play this game with your friends or family members through Internet connection, which supports networked gaming. The game modes of this game include normal arcade game play with up to four players, split-screen multiplayer option with two or more devices, and exciting online multiplayer mode with up to 4 players at the same time. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Boomerang Snipe 3D Unblocked Free Game!